Launch Bags  
Whether you're an established design house with several seasons behind you, or even just a regular person with a fantastic idea, LaunchBags is the premier company in the production and marketing services field that can bring your concept to life. We work closely with you to ensure continuity in your design, from sketches to technical drawings to even helping you select the best materials for your project. We use our extensive experience to steer you in the right direction for your project so that your designs survive the test of use and capture the trends causing all the buzz in the today's fashion world and beyond. Quite simply, we work with you to help all your design dreams become a reality.
Ever wonder how to get the fine product finishing the big names are getting? We've contracted with factories who have long experience producing the goods of some of the most well-known design houses in the business. Access to this and other services is part of deal when you use LaunchBags to help you build your brand.
We are your one-stop shop. Our marketing services plan we offers all the services to help build your brand in the marketplace for which you normally would pay a la carte fees. Additionally, we make your samples, from sketches to sourcing to even finding the right factory to produce your goods, so that every step of the process is covered. After all, you launched your concept to design, not to worry about the other details, right? With us, you can concentrate on the design of your concepts.
Complete handbag conceptualization services, from design to CAD/technical drawings to sourcing and sample-making.

Optimized sales and marketing programs, from branding and websites to buyer contact, as well as our exclusive showrooms in New York, LA and Las Vegas for clients only.

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